Does your career as an osteopath need some treatment?

Does Your Career as an Osteopath need Treatment?

There can be many challenges in an osteopath’s career. Attracting enough patients, earning a stable income, or feeling physically and mentally exhausted are some of the common ones. But there are ways to overcome these challenges!

Perhaps you’re questioning your impact on patients, struggling with certain conditions or categories of patients, doubting whether osteopathy is the right career for you, or grappling with aspects of running a practice. You might even have a great business, but just want to talk to someone who can help make it better.

I understand, and I can probably help. Bringing together decades of experience both inside and outside the clinical space, I work with osteopaths looking for support.

What makes me qualified?

My professional background includes: running corporate learning and development functions, corporate consulting, business coaching, career counselling, systems development, as well as osteopathy.

I’ve written two published books on leadership (“Effective Ineptitude: The Secrets of Corporate Climbing” published by Hale and Iremonger and “Lead Work Teams”, published by McGraw Hill). I’ve been practicing osteopathy for over 20 years. I’ve developed software for supporting small-business coaching, covering: strategic directions, marketing, operational improvement, leadership, and financial management. I invented the “Individual Motivational Profile”, a process used by myself and others since 1993 to help individuals align their work-life with their true passions.

Combining these skills and resources, I can help you understand and address the challenges in your career. As an osteopath myself, I understand the demands and rewards of the profession, as well as the experience of changing careers mid-life.

How Does It Work and What Does It Cost?

Osteopaths book a session online, selecting “Support for osteopaths”. I’m available on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturday afternoons, and Sundays. Once you book in, you will receive a Zoom link. The cost is $220 AUD per hour, including 10% GST. The session will probably be tax deductible, but check with your accountant.

You don’t have to sign up for a fixed number of sessions: just book in for one, and we’ll work out together what will be most helpful. You can book in as little or as much as you like from there.

If you are unsure about whether this will be helpful, send me an email at, let me know what is happening at the moment, and we can take things from there.