Picture of the arterial system
Picture of the lymphatic system

If you are someone with a tough condition; who has been to a lot of practitioners, and who still isn’t well; if you feel you have tried virtually everything; then I won’t promise I can help you, either.

I can, however, promise you these things:

1) I see a lot of people in this situation.

2) As an osteopath, I’m focused on facilitating your own health; helping your system to work well, so that it has the best chance possible of dealing with your problems.

3) I will take the time to understand.

4) I’m not just trying to work out what is happening; I am interested in why it is happening. I think very broadly about this. Treatment will always involve spending a lot of time with my hands on, finding out as much as I can learn about what your various tissues are doing and how they are responding.

5) I will consider whether your habitual posture and movements are being influenced by “retained primitive reflexes”, what your biochemistry is doing (I use a variety of tests

from several different laboratories, as appropriate), what part stress is playing in what you are going through (and what can be done about it), and more.

6) I won’t give up on you. There is always more to try, and more ways to learn about what is going on with you.

7) At the same time, I won't pressure you to keep you coming back if you don't feel that what we are doing together is working. If I can’t make sense of what is happening, or if your body isn’t responding the way I expect, I will be very up front in raising this with you and talking through the options.

8) My aim will always be to help you to get as well as possible, as soon as possible.

The lymphatic and arterial systems.

Image credit: Essential Anatomy 3d Software


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I look upon the treating of effects as being as unwarranted as it would be for the fireman of a city to fight the smoke and pay no attention to the cause that produces it.

AT Still, the "discoverer" of osteopathy,