I have a particular interest in helping people who have complex, challenging and chronic conditions: people who have not been able to get help with other things they have tried.

To do this, I start with the assumption that your body is amazingly good at healing and repairing itself. If that isn't happening as quickly as you would like or expect, I try to understand the CAUSE. If your condition has a name, my diagnosis will involve working out what that is; but that is the start, not the finish, of the way I will try to understand why your body is doing what is is doing.

Because I look for the cause of your ongoing ill health, I think about CONNECTIONS: the mechanical and connective-tissue connections between one part and the next, and how your body responds to gravity; the communication connections, in terms of how the nervous system and the endocrine (hormonal) systems are functioning; and the fluid-flow connections, of how easily blood can get in, and how well blood and lymph can drain out. I try to make sense of the whole picture.

Very often, the cause of ongoing ill-health is some sort of CONSTRICTION affecting: how your body is working mechanically; how it is communicating with itself; and/or how freely blood and lymph can flow through it. Where this is the case, I select from a wide range of hands-on techniques, from the quite subtle to the quite physical.

Where that isn't enough, I'll use these principles to keep digging. I use a range of laboratory tests where they are appropriate, and work with like-minded people who are the most highly-skilled I can find (integrative medical doctors, naturopaths and functional neurologists) to work together with for people with really challenging situations.

John's overall approach


The nervous system.

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John Smartt, Osteopath
Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) Master of Osteopathy (UWS)

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I look upon the treating of effects as being as unwarranted as it would be for the fireman of a city to fight the smoke and pay no attention to the cause that produces it.

AT Still, the "discoverer" of osteopathy,